Hapax drum mode with Analog Rytm Mk2

I’m loving the Hapax!

I’m trying to figure out how to use the drum mode with an Elektron Rytm Mk2.
I’ve been using it with a Vermona DRM1 just fine… but i’m having trouble with the Rytm.

Anyone have any idea?



You have to create an Instrument Definition using the Rytm Autochannel. Fill the drumlanes part with the Rytm Midi Note Triggers (C.8 page 91 of the manual). Now you should normally play Rytm using drum mode :wink:

You can add FX and performance control on this Instrument definition if you want (just use on Rytm the same midi channel for FX and perf as autochannel).

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I’m also interested in the above - wasn’t able to map Rytm 12 tracks to 8 slots of a Hapax drum kit…

Had to use a regular chromatic poly track to accommodate for all 12

Is there a better way?

I forgot about the 8 slots in drum mode (I don’t sequence the Rytm with Hapax :wink: )

If you want to sequence the Rytm 12 tracks you can use 2 tracks in drum mode or use a regular chromatic track as you said :confused:

Thanks all, that’s useful info as am about to map this out for AR also.

i’ve been sequencing my Rytm with Hapax, but will have to get home this evening and pull up the settings to explain everything fully. it’s not perfect but it’s been working well enough

so i’m on Rytm Mk1 but i assume it’s the same for Mk2 units. i believe i’m working from default settings on both Hapax and Rytm for the below, but lmk if i’m mistaken on that and i need to tweak something below.

on Rytm under Global Settings:

  • MIDI Config

    • Channels

      • Track 1 Channel : 1

      • Track 2 Channel : 1

      • Track 3 Channel : 1

      • etc.

on Hapax press and hold Track 01 settings:

  • Output (A, B, C, D…)

    • Channel 01

      • select Live mode button. left screen will display a range of notes.

      • left to right, bottom row first, top row second:

        • C0 - C#0 - D0 - E0 - F0 - F#0 - Ab0 - Bb0

you should be able to play each of the 8 sections of the pads while in Live mode to get corresponding triggering on the Rytm here.

note that the Rytm has only 8 Voice Circuits

  1. BD 1
  2. SD 2
  3. RS 3 + CP 4
  4. BT 5
  5. LT 6
  6. MT 7 + HT 8
  7. CH 9 + OH 10
  8. CY 11 + CB 12

the combos of XX + XX are voices that choke one another: these are separate engines/sounds/pads, but there’s only 1 Voice Circuit controlling those pairs. (Rytm users know this i’m sure but i’m writing just for general interest or perhaps new users). you can’t technically trigger more than 8 sounds on the Rytm at once anyway because of this.

however, this means you can only use one of the choices of the combo Voice Circuits per project with the Hapax’s default drum track. you can of course split out those extra Rytm pads to another Hapax track (not a great idea probably as it splits the choke groups into separate Hapax tracks, but could be interesting). you could also reconfigure with just the first eight Rytm pads (BD 1 - HT 8) and split the last four into a separate track (this preserves the choke groups of the Rytm onto the same patterns on the Hapax) but writing drum grooves utilizing Rytm’s 12 pads/sounds over two tracks on Hapax isn’t ideal either…

currently i’m just using the 8 voices as configured above and ignoring the 4 ‘extra’ pads (CP 4, HT 8, OH 10, CB 12). the one extra little piece of info that might help some users is that on Hapax in this drum track you can change the note of the lane at any point. so for example on Hapax drum Track 01 lane 8 (in Step mode) you can press and hold the row selector button on the right and immediately change the note it’s going to…so pressing and holding the row selector for lane 8 the left screen shows ‘note 10’ and can be turned to ‘note 11’ which triggers the CB 12 pad on the Rytm (B0) instead of the CY 11 pad (Bb0). this unfortunately changes the entire track’s settings.

hopefully in the future we might be able to ‘parameter lock’ in step mode to get around that…i should write up a feature request but i think this might be something they’re already working on (just in that it seems an obvious want for many use cases…there’s plenty of drum machines in hardware and software that allow more than 8 notes to be triggered in a pattern/track/project). that said, i just picked up a companion drum machine anyway so i’m just using the Rytm within the current 8 note limits and complementing it with another track of drums on a separate drum machine entirely. but here’s to hoping on that extra functionality at some point in the future :crossed_fingers:

You could also use a second track with the same output port/channel to reach the extra four pads on your Analog Rytm.