Hapax CV Calibration

Anyone know if there’s a way to calibrate the cv outs? Mine are off.

not as far a I know…

I say that, since on they pyramid/hermod it was a combo encoder(?) at boot up… so this might exist for hapax, but Ive not needed it, and not tried it.

Anyway, you should reach out to squarp via the contact form
given pyramid/hermod, Id think if its not currently present, its likely on the roadmap.

as a workaround, if its a static offset (not scaling) ,
if you add a CV Out Automate lane (on a CV/Gate) track , this will be summed with the note… (you can use for pitchbends :wink: ) , so you can use that to introduce an offset.
(it won’t help for scaling though… unless you tweaked per note :face_vomiting: )

Squarp super quick with the responses. CV calibration will be coming in the next release.


Yep, its off here too.