Hapax come with a dust cover?

I’m on the September waiting list.

Usually I get a Viktory cover for each instrument (we have a serious dust problem), but I read somewhere that the Hapax comes with it’s own dust cover.

Does the Hapax come with a dust cover?

also on the September pre-order/waiting list. i’ve not heard anything about Hapax shipping with a cover, but i too consider Dust a lifelong nemesis and do not mess around with uncovered gear. the Hapax Decksaver cover was just officially released yesterday. it’s always a bit quasi-awkward when a new decksaver arrives at my door before the device it’s meant to save. though no doubt it sends a clear, no-nonsense battle message to my cats. https://www.decksaver.com/product/hapax-cover/

If you’ve seen the grey felt dust covers on Etsy for the Elektron trio it’s very similar, thinner and darker than the ones I have from there. It lays over the tops and the OG knobs fit perfectly so it lays flush on the top.

Nice, but it’s a little odd. How does that protect from dust coming from the sides? Through the “seal” around the knobs? If I used that, there would be a nice ring of dust around each knob, and a frame of dust around the edges of the top in no time.

I’m going to order a Viktory cover like I have for the rest of my gear. This is too big an investment to risk for 30 EU!


I don’t think I received this dust cover? I was on the first batch. Was this 2nd batch only?

I was second batch. It’s not really going to give a tight seal or paw defense. It doesn’t wrap over the sides or protect the knobs.

I’m kind of curious what your dust situation looks like. There aren’t many places dust could make its way in here.

I had never seen the viktory covers those look awesome. Are they soft or do they hold their shape at all?

We have a huge road construction project behind ourselves, and here in the Middle East, when you dig, you raise lots of sand in the air. We are waiting anxiously for them to finish and the dust to stop.

Viktory covers have two parameters:

  1. Size and shape
  2. Fabric type and thickness

I chose the “P2” fabric, which is soft but still has a shape and structure.

Here’s what it looks like on my Virus TI2 Desktop, which is very similar in size and shape to the Hapax:

On my upper keyboard, the “drape” is more apparent:

I’m very happy with this product, and the service (time to ship, shipment delivery speed) is good.

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Thanks for taking the pics, that’s a good look IMO. I love when they do the brand tags sewn into the seam like you can see on the upper keys.

I don’t really know what to call the thing that came with the Hapax. What you have is clearly a dust cover. I think what I have is maybe a protector from fading in the sun?


Anyway, the Viktory covers are fantastic. My whole rig, gone to sleep for the night and protected from insidious dust:

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