Hapax can’t figure out how to change sustain length

I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the sustain length per track, anyone know how to approach that on the hapax?

Hi @castano,

I’m not sure what you mean.
If you’re talking about the note length, you can refer to the section of the manual dedicated to note parameters.

No not note length, unless there is a way to make it shorter than what it is when I place a note, I am sequencing a drum machine (division department 01/V) if I just place steps the envelopes is still open, not allowing me to have fast envelopes, I have to shorten the gate length, on a torso T1 sequencer there is a sustain parameter that allows you to shorten the length or extend the gate, it’s basically changing it from a gate into a trigger I believe

at least on Pyramid you can shorten note lengths to fractions of a step (if your drum sounds respond to lengths that short). works particularly well if you’re triggering a 303 clone in Step mode to get super staccato notes

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do
Just don’t know, how we can do that on the Hapax

it works the same on the hapax, as pyramid
you can set a note length to fraction of a length down to 1/16… (so 1/16 of a 1/16)

so yeah its a bit unclear to me what you want… unless your saying a 1/64th note is too long,
in which case you’d need to raise a feature request via the contact form

on eurorack, if I wanted this super plucky, then Id switch to using an AD envelope rather than ADSR, so that the gate is used purely as a trig.
(or you could use an AHD env which has a fixed sustain time)

So In order to get 1/64th of a step from a 16step phrase that at 140bpm, how do I go about doing it? So I can try it out, that would make the gate shorter while keeping the same length of 16th note steps, I just need to be able to control gate length in order to get plucky envelopes :slight_smile:

note length is relative to the ‘zoom’ level
if you are a x1 zoom, with length = 1 , each pad represents 1/16.
so, if you turn the length encoder to 1/16, then press a note, its 1/16 of that.
so thats 1/256? which would be ~ 7mS at 140bpm … thats pretty short.
(if you want shorter than that, you need to raise that as a feature request, as I indicated above)
but, if you wanted a 1/64th, then at x1 zoom, you’d use 1/4 length.

the length indicated is use for new notes…
of if you want to change an existing note, then hold the note down, and change length.

or you can do things like use ALL, or row/blocks selects to select a bunch of notes all at once.
really all depends what you want to do.

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