Hapax Bitwig basic USB connection

New user here.
trying to connect Hapax to Bitwig to trigger vsts.
I have looked and have found no information on what settings to use in Bitwig… controller vx keyboard…mc midi setup to do or not… need help from anyone that has done this… wish the manual had more info on connecting to software like ableton or bitwig

currently i am using a generic keyboard template… wi\ll this allow program change and access to all midi parameters versus just notes ?

thank you

Hi there! I have successfully used it. One of the things that always messes me up is disambiguating usb “host” from “usb” device. Does “host” mean the hapax acting as the host, or acting as the device? The manual doesn’t clarify but it actually means the host in reference to the hapax. So firstly set that to host for for midi sync in (or out, I use sync in because I control the transport of hapax w/ bitwig via a presonous faderport 8).

Do you want to be able to control start/stop in bitwig from the hapax? I will put some screenshots of my setup later today.