Hapax becomes unresponsive when recording in Live mode

The Hapax has been stable in my (limited) use so far otherwise, but in Live mode, every now and then the controls become unresponsive and it needs a reboot to recover. It seems related to stopping/starting a recording, and possibly when doing so in relatively rapid succession (I suck at the keyboard so there are a lot of “oh s***, scratch and restart” moments :laughing: ). Hard record and stop record at end of pattern are enabled, no idea if it’s related to those. When it happens, patterns continue to play and live keyboard passes through so it’s not a lockup as such. Happens like once or twice a day, rarely enough that one tends to forget to save after every single recording, until you lose some data due to this and then you remember again, for a while. Currently on v1.13, but may have seen this on whatever-it-shipped-with as well.

Have others experienced this? I haven’t noticed anything similar on the forum, but then people don’t always talk about every glitch. I’m just running into this so much that one would think others must be seeing it too, unless it’s somehow specific to my usage/setup.

I’ll submit a bug report of course, but trying to collect more data first.

Sounds like you have a midi feedback loop going on. To test this, try and set the midi notes and cc input setting to Ignore or Rec only. If the issue goes away, you have a midi feedback loop going on.


Right, a MIDI loop can cause funny stuff, but I just checked and in the MIDI monitor, the only incoming data is single events from the external keyboard when pressed. Then again, the setup has been evolving a bit so there could have been some routing loop at some point :thinking: But I would expect other artifacts besides random interface hangup from a MIDI loop.

So another data point, this is with internal clock. And it is related to hitting play/record/stop on live mode, never anything else AFAICT. Also, completely elusive to any attempts to reproduce, like just now.

Mine freezes up at least once a week randomly, where I walk away with it working and return to it stuck. I also do something to freeze it up all the time.

In my hands it’s prone to midi loops, and it seems eager to have the right screen stop responding once a bad condition starts up. I haven’t noticed it specifically tied to transport controls, but I don’t usually pay enough attention to why, I just reboot and hopefully continue.

It doesn’t seem to have a very robust defense against bad midi conditions. I know I’m throwing a ton of data at it, and it has to default to ‘read everything and do something with it, immediately’ so I’ve taken it as table stakes. That said it feels like the midi port config menu is missing a drill down page worth of settings.

Oh… seems I have forgotten to provide closure here: there indeed was a midi loop present, accidentally introduced in MioXL routing while fiddling with new gear. Haven’t seen a single hang since eliminating the loop. So thanks Maarten for the tip, should’ve thought of it myself but when you’re in the “I didn’t touch anything” mode… :smile: