Hapax availability?

Hey, I have been saving up for a hapax but I see that the backorder is due for December now. Is the June batch already sold out or are there difficulties with production? Is there a projected time when hapax will be freely available?

I already sold my pyramid before I saw that I have to wait for September now and I don’t know how to bridge the gap. I don’t want to commit my cash so much time ahead because I don’t have that much.

as Squarp announced in an email last week, “the June 2022 batch is sold out, so we started pre-orders for the September 2022 batch.”

delivery of the June batch is likely to occur toward the end of the month because of some delays in getting the manufactured parts out of China and to Squarp for assembly:

“Every part is ready but the production of HAPAX is stuck in Shanghai. As you may be aware of, there is an upsurge of COVID 19 in China. Our factory is not impacted directly and the production of June 2022 batch is almost complete, but we can’t retrieve them as fast as planned. The authorities have opted for a gradual easing of restrictions until 1 June in this region. We are confident that we will have them as soon as the lockdown ends. Once these parts are gathered in our workshop we will be able to assemble and deliver very quickly. So you should have your HAPAX at home at the end of June

will the September batch be similarly affected? i don’t think anyone expects the supply chain and chip shortages to be fully resolved by then so any hiccups in the production might affect the turnaround time

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Thank you. I subscribed to the newsletter now. Don’t know what to do for the wait time though. Maybe get a used akai force…

Patiently waiting for my June order. Still looking like the end of the month?

what Thilbauld said this week

Thanks, I have that email and read that above. It’s been a couple of weeks, so just wondering if they are still on track. Hoping no new delays. Nope, I’m not really patiently waiting. :slight_smile:


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