Hapax automation, routing to midi channel


On a track assigned to cv/gate, how can I assgn that specific track’s automations (CC) to a specific MIDI channel ?

Could you specify what you want to send from where to where?

On a track that is mapped to CV/GATE, I would like to send automation informatin to a specific midi channel.

I’m afraid you can’t. Currently the only options for midi automation output on a track is the midi output port+channel of the current track, or cv on any of the cv outputs.

I really hope they will allow a track to output midi to another track or another midi port+channel. For example: the envelope effect on a kick drum should actually duck the volume of the bass track. Currently you can only do this if your bass synth allows cv to volume (like Minitaur).

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@Thibault_Squarp :point_up:

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Thanks for your answer, hoping for that feature too :wink:

if you could route a track to a specific midi input port and channel that definitely would open up possibilities! internally i mean. but you can already do that with a cable or loop back utility running on a computer module lol