Hapax as a MIDI with MPE recorder?

Have a Pyramid and love the Live recording with like 300 some bars max recording length

Close but…

Can I record with Hapax in live mode with long recording lengh from an Osmose which has MPE in its MIDI output?

Looking to start with an improvised live recording with the longest length preset, then go back and edit (just the MIDI sequence for now is fine) when inspriration has cum and gone.

I have scanned the full manual but this scenario is not spelled out enough for my simple mind!

Any confirmation out there that Hapax can be/is the more intuitive/more versatile version of the Pyramid for recording improvisation live?


32 bars max pattern length currently at 100% speed. Run the track at 50% elasticity for 64 bars. Hoping they give us longer patterns (and more patterns) in the future.

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Thanks for the reply!

32 bars is not a showstopper; my inspirations don’t last as long as they once did (10 minutes continuous on piano during one particular peak moment)

More important is how much of the MPE data stream from the Osmose expressive keyboard can be captured by the Hapax. Though MPE data is not currently editable, that may change in the future

For the present, if I can simply chop whole sections that do capture musical expression, that will be usable enough editing.

The idea is that instead of adding musical interest by layering on special MIDI effects over a step entered sequence, just capture some good realtime takes that I can play back through MPE capable synths. Catch the good performances and then build layers of THOSE to make a song/composition.

The dream…