Hapax as a light controller


It’s pretty convenient to be able to sequence the whole song and a mini LED light show from just one device!

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I just started working on this myself.
Hapax controlling a Blackbox (for some very generic drums, just to have some sound) and a Boomlights LC-1X running an RGB light strip.

I will probably use the Pyramid for this instead of the Hapax. For some of the light sequences I’ve been toying with, I prefer using 3 tracks (one each for red, green, and blue) and a 4th track for sequences that have all three colors at the same time. Having R, G, and B on separate tracks means I can have separate LFOs, delays, etc, making for a lot more cool results than only using the single track with all three colors.

Compared to the Pyramid, Hapax isn’t very good for drums (only 8 lanes in drum mode, no named notes in step mode, etc) so this gives me another reason to use both at the same time.

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