Hapax Arpeggiator Quantize

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere already, I couldn’t find it in search.
I’m wondering if the arpeggiator on the Hapax is quantized to the nearest beat (16th, 1/4 etc.). That isn’t the case with the Pyramid- if you hold down a chord 1/32nd before the 1, for instance, all the arpeggiated notes will fall 1/32nd before the beat.
The other arpeggiators I’ve got (Keystep Pro and Novation SL MKIII) are essentially quantized to the nearest beat. In the example above they’d wait that 1/32nd and then start on the 1.
I’m considering making the switch from the Pyramid to the Hapax, I’d be thrilled if the arp functioned this way.

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