Hapax and roli gear

hi all

i have ordered the hapax and waiting for it…

who is using hapax with a roli seabord rise keyboard as mpe controler with roli equator software as sound expander ?

how do you change instrument in equator from the hapax ?

do you use pc msb lsb ?

i cant found info in the manual of roli equator ….

many thanks for your help

Yes, you use PC messages to switch presets.

This is a function of the equator software OR your daw if you are using the plugin.

Whilst hapax supports msb/lsb, you may find some software only supports lsb , so 127 presets.
Not sure about equator ( not used for a while) but try it and see.
… often it’s easier to just try , than find details in manuals

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Many thanks for your reply,
you are right, the best is to try, but delivery of the hapax is quite long…