HAPAX and ROLI Gear how to setup?


I’m just getting start with my HAPAX and I’m trying to connect the HAPAX to my SEABORD Rise keyboard that is a great MPE controler with its equator software having a lot of great sounds.

It does not work yet !

Here is my set up:

SEABOARD rise keyboard is connected to the HAPAX in the USB Device port

I test on track 1 in MPE mode with MIDI Input “All active”
Playing the seaboard keyboard, I can see the messages sent by the keyboard arriving to the HAPAX on the screen MIDI IN and resent on MIDI out.

HAPAX is connected to my computer via the USB Host port

Here is starting my problem as I have no idea on how to do in order that Equator’s software receive the Messages from the HAPAX and plays the sounds.
The ROLI dashboard software that permits to configure the connections asks me to connect my seaboard via the USB port, but I can’t as it is already connected to the HAPAX.
when the seaboard rise keyboard is connected directly to the computer the sounds from Equator are OK.

Can anyone help me ?

I hope someone has a solution…many thanks

Try plugging your computer in to USB Device and your ROLI into USB Host. Host is the one that accepts USB-A (flat not square).

Then I would make sure that your track is set to MPE mode, which means it will send and receive on all MIDI Channels.

If that doesn’t work then another thing to try is to MIDI Forward (in settings) everything from USB Host to USB Device.

However if you’re primary use case of the Hapax is to control software, then MPE is a serious limitation as you can’t use it in combination with any other tracks, is what I’m finding.

For example I have Track 1 as an MPE track sending all 16 Channels of MIDI through USB Device to control Equator2 in my DAW. Then let’s say I have Track 8 set up as a Drum Track to control a dum machine in my DAW, sending on Midi Ch 8. Well random notes played on the ROLI will also trigger the Drum Machine, because the MPE track will occasionally send Note and CC data on Midi Ch. 8 as well.

This is a huge issue with the MPE mode that and using the Hapax with a computer at the moment, I’ll to open up a proper feature request at some point around this but for now I just record and manage MPE tracks as clips within the DAW instead of using the Hapax.

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hi dunearchitect

many thanks for your reply

i tried also the setting you mention but also not working
i dont see where im wrong ?

it seems that the issue should be coming from the equator software itself
normally everything has to be set in the roli dashboard software but the usb coming from the hapax seems not to be recognized as a usb roli equipment and i have no idea where to declare the hapax and if it is possible ?

i understand that you have also the equator software but as a pluging in your daw : is it wright ?

is it possible that you test also the setting without your daw software directly in equator as try to do it ?

regarding the limitation with mpe track i agree with you if you have only your computer as sound expander

may be you can limitate the range of channels used by the mpe track that could save some channels for drums and other instruments
that would limitate a little bit the mpe possibilities i guess ?

many thank for your help


Yes each output of the Hapax supports 16 channels though, you could work around this limitation with a MIDI interface. Or perhaps you could limit the Roli to 15 (or x) channels? I own a Linnstrument and this is possible with it.

Equator 1 or 2?

In equator 2 you click the lines icon at top right of Equator 2 window, select ‘audio & midi settings’ from the menu, then make sure the appropriate midi device is enabled in the midi list by clicking on it.

hi steve

i have equator 1 let me test with equator 2

many thanks