Hapax AND Hermod? Or Misha?

I’m building a small eurorack case centred around an ER-301 and Just Friends modules. I’ve got enough space left that I would like to add some sort of sequencer. Given that I already have a Hapax, I would be curious to hear people’s thoughts on adding a Hermod versus an Eventide Misha.

The advantage of the Hermod is that it has double the amount of CV outputs of Hapax. But I’m wondering if it’s a little redundant given that a lot of its feature are already covered by Hapax. The advantage of the Misha, while currently limited to only a single sequencing “lane”, is that it’s a totally unique approach to melody generation.

I’d be curious to hear other people’s thoughts.

I remember I had the same kind of dilemma when I first got the Hermod.
though, in those days… it was with the pyramid.

It’s a fair question… do you really need another sequencer, if you have the Hapax?

generally, Id say , no not really…
most of the time I use my Hermod as a midi <-> cv interface.
and it does really well for that…(given cv io)

for sure, this feels a bit overkill, as I rarely program sequences on it
(as the Hapax has a more hands-on UI)

that said, its nice to have the euroack capable of being standalone at times…
so sometimes I use things like LFOs from the Hermod, or some of its other features like Euclid

(and its pretty hands-on for that compared to say the ES FH-2 (which Ive consider frequently)

then on the flip side, I think having different sequencers is also fun.
Ive got a Frap Tools USTA to give me that more ‘analog feel’…
and if I didnt have my Percussa SSP, Id have likely bought a Rene 2 by now :wink:

Before I got the Hapax, I had a Metropolix in the rack. Now its still in the rack, but usually has no patch cables in or out because I have it connected to Hapax over USB MIDI. I can route it to whichever track I want on the Hapax, but also its really handy for being able to record patterns into Hapax… so might be another candidate to consider!

Im pretty happy with what I have… but if I had nothing…
I’d, probably, specialise more…
so a specialised midi <-> cv module and specialised eurorack sequencer.
to ensure less overlap.

something like an FH-2 and a Rene 2.

however, as I said…actually Im please with what I have.
frankly, rene 2 vs usta, is really just because Ive used the USTA alot, so Rene 2 would be ‘new’.
I think the USTA is actually fantastic, so its just ‘new toy’ syndome :slight_smile:

… and as Ive (unfortunately) learnt, there are so many fun sequencers, its not uncommon for people to have multiple esp in Eurorack.

as for midi/cv vs hermod…

its also nice to have the eurorack ‘standalone’ with the Hermod.
whilst its UI is a bit small, for entering melodic steps… it can do so much more.

as I said the midi<->cv is very good, and so are effects.
you can easily punch in percussive patterns.
and you can record via midi or cv.

for all of this, the UI is a non-issue.

so in fairness, the only thing Id never recommend (nor do) is entering melodic sequences,
but thats quite a small part of its functionality really… and to be expected in the fairly small (hp) footprint.

(actually, there is a common misconception that the Hermod is a mini-pyramid, or I guess Hapax… it really isn’t, its really its own thing, thats quite specific to the needs of eurorack imho)