Grey Limited Edition

so ICYMI, Squarp have done a limited (run of 50) grey edition of the Pyramid. looks pretty good imo, if still pretty close to the regular black edition. can tell a good bit of difference in the photo they have of them next to each other. doesn’t look good enough for me to part with my Mk2 but nonetheless, good that they’re trying some (subtly) different looks out.

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Yeah that looks pretty cool.
I wish more Gear would risk it with colors. Im pretty bored with all the black synth stuff… and the wood panel thing doesnt do much for me.
I like things like that yellow behringer (i know) or the nord lead red.

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I do like the different knobs on that one.

Anyone know where they are from?

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agreed. options/limited runs for synths (like you mentioned, or the Korg monologue comes to mind too) isn’t done enough, but i’m guessing that has to do with costs of course.

i like the look of them, seem like they’d be more comfortable to use regularly.

You could always disassemble it and spray paint the shell yourself. I’ve done this with my old novation launchpad and I liked the way it turned out.

Of course… If you did so I’m not sure the state your warranty would be in… Though I have seen that a user has completely disassembled theirs in order to wash the buttons…

perhaps someone could get cremacaffe to make some ‘skins’ for the pyramid, like they have for the octatrack (the do a few different devices)

I guess they’d need exact dimensions of the faceplate… perhaps @Thibault_Squarp might be able to provide a ‘cad’ drawing they could work off of :slight_smile:

I can imagine quite liking custom designs for the Pyramid.
(Ive been very tempted to get one for my Octatrack… they do look really good)

edit: I’ve shot a message over to Squarp to see if they might be able to help with dimensions - this could be a fun thing.

back on topic:
others have replaced the knobs on the pyramid… they are pretty standard size,

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