Great video tutorial

Hey everyone,

Just a days ago, loopop posted an hour-long video tutorial for Pyramid. It is really well-done and even has timings indexed on the left side of the screen in case you want to jump to different topics.

Here’s the link:

Hope you find it as helpful as I just did!


Pretty comprehensive, very well done too.

yeah loopop’s video are always fantastic…
I love the fact he also does not just do reviews on the latest ‘thing’ released, he does go back to products and go into more details - and this was exceptional - there must have been a huge amount of work going into this.

Its also nice to have a comprehensive video that covers some of the newer OS 3.0 functionality.


It was on the basis of Loopop videos I bought an Elektron Octatrack MK2 and now a Squarp Pyramid mk2.

I had been keeping an eye on Pyramid for over a year. Loopop’s video showed me it had matured to a point where I was ready to take the plunge. Another sale Squarp can credit to Loopop!

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i love loopop, i remember watching this and my head nearly exploding but i might try it again now i have my pyramid hooked up and ready to go.

Interesting, I got Octatrack mkll (and iPad and laptop) and was wondering how do you use Pyramid with OT.
Mainly in sequencing, how does it compliment OT.

I had Pyramid while back and regret selling it, changed gear etc…


PS great video, thanks for posting @kmonty

you could start with this essay I wrote on elektronauts a while ago on the topic of pyramid vs OT (midi side only) :

some mentioned detractors have improved on the pyramid since then, but I still find the OT is more fun and faster to use for: step sequencing multiple parameters per step (especially midi CCs - no need to scroll to a different page per CC), monophonic sequencing (pyramid has some annoyances in this department despite giving you a better visual overview of the notes), looping random MIDI LFOs, ratcheting, gate sequencing (due to trig conditions), and speeding up / slowing down a given track via timebase multiplication and division.

the Pyramid is better for almost everything else you might want to use midi for. it handles polyphony 100x better, has nice shortcuts for chords and some clever midi fx, allows you to create and trigger and sequence (in song mode) different variations (patterns) per track, gives you hundreds of bars per track to program your notes and CC automations, serves as a pretty flexible DIN MIDI and USB MIDI and CV routing hub, has a rock solid MIDI clock that can slave Live 10 very stably, gives you powerful CC-to-FX and CV-to-FX and CV-to-CC translation tools, allows intertrack transposition, has extremely convenient instrument definitions for your tracks, and offers a much clearer visual overview of your sequenced parameters than the OT (where you have to press a step to see on the screen what values are locked to it, and only one step at a time).

I love using the OT to modulate pyramid FX parameters with its MIDI LFOs, to step sequence multiple CCs per step, to use its trig conditions to override Chance FX values (and thereby smuggle trig conditions into the Pyramid), and to produce looping random modulations that I record into the Pyramid. I slave the OT to the Pyramid’s clock and transport and use the Pyramid for all my other MIDI applications.

the combination of the two leaves me with complete disinterest in owning any of the nicest Eurorack sequencers and clocked modulation generators I’ve tried, as well as any interest in fitting a Cirklon (which I’ve also given a thorough trial of) into my setup.


Thanks a lot for the detailed description and link :grinning:

Wow you really get some mileage out of the two…I like how you are able to have them work together, complimenting each other.

I had sort of a “one way communication” in mind, like where Pyramid sends messages/notes to OT and didn’t know that you can ALSO send messages from OT to Pyramid to modulate messages sent back to OT…sounds fantastic I can only imagine.

It must be even better now with the new Pyramid OS 3.x that added features

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Absolutely loved his video. The reason I decided to order pyramid. Hadn’t really understood half of it before seeing that video. Made a lot of things a whole lot clearer. :slight_smile:

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Am a big fan of his review videos, top notch, well articulated. He breaks down product features into simple segments and occasionally adds in a little spice of humor. Kudos for his many contributions.