Great data knob i found

its not mine but i did buy a few because it works well for other gear

it fits with the decksaver too! the knob has a tiny bit of kinetic energy and a finger detent makes it easy to drive. also fits the look quite well, it almost belongs!


you put it on the main encoder? can you share a pic of how it looks on your hapax?


wooh! my dandruff problem has reached a fever pitch! :dizzy_face:


Thank for the suggestion - got myself one (love it), and am now looking for matching smaller knobs to replace the other 8 :slight_smile:

slightly cheaper on uk amazon:

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really? i think they are a good fit.

It’s not that I dislike Squarp’s original plastic ones, but having tried your suggestion, I suddenly like the idea of having knobs that have a bit more weight to them.
Have now ordered a few samples - will report back should any of them turn out to be worth attention…


So I’ve tried a couple, and they all fit, some better than others as you can see.
All of these provide better grip than the original knobs. (first photo) (same as the first photo) (last photo)
BASTL Style Aluminium Knobs – Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components (second photo)

I’m keeping the larger ones on Hapax, smaller set will go on Rytm.


Great tip, exactly what I was looking for!

I ordered the big volume knob as data wheel as well, and ordered two sets of the big encoders, ALU colour and Black. I will choose the colour once I have tested them. All from
Note: the encoder knobs come in pairs of 2, so only order 4 as ‘quantity’ for 8 in total

Those that come in pairs would be a bit too tight for the 8 encoders - I use one of those as the 9th (top right) encoder.

Added notes next to the links. Apologies if that wasn’t obvious.

ah…OK. because you wrote: ‘I am keeping the larger ones on the Hapax…’ What is then the ‘smaller set’ and the ‘larger set’?

Smaller knobs are the ones sold by

Maybe put it this way: what size/diameter in mm did you keep for the single rotary knob on the right of the Hapax, and which ones did you keep for the groups of 4 knobs?

D17mm for the groups of four, D 21mm for the single knob on the right

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Thanks a lot!; I ordered the right ones now.

Has anyone tried the brass pot adapters from thonk? Could then adapt the 6mm d-shaft to a 6.35mm threaded knob :thinking:

Came up after I scooped on a large encoder knob that was threaded

honestly its kinda sad that we paid almost 1300 usd and the knobs are cheap plastic ones. Love the unit but the knobs could have been something a bit nicer.

owensands said ‘honestly its kinda sad that we paid almost 1300 usd and the knobs are cheap plastic ones. Love the unit but the knobs could have been something a bit nicer.’

i think the oem knobs are just fine, i add custom stuff to most of my gear. if you wana bellyache about the price maybe find something better? or keep it to yourself? or tell it to squarp. im happy with my unit.

I’m happy with the unit, and functionally they are fine, but they are probably the cheapest knobs they can find. I feel like the unit is overpriced, but it is what it is.