Got a question regarding my midi keyboard input and multiple synths playing

Hey there,

I i’m using a kenton thru-5 as a midi splitter and I’ve got a couple of synths + the octatrack connected on there. It’s on output A. I also have the analog rytm on output B.

When I play my keyboard multiple synths play even though each track has it’s own synth in Bank A. It works great when sequencing but when I’m playing in notes for the sequence all synths play.

Does anyone know how to turn that off?



Are the synths on different MIDI channels? Your keyboard input should be going to a specific channel. The track number in the Pyramid isn’t really important, what matters is the MIDI channel it is pointed to and the MIDI channel that the synths are listening on.

You may also want to tinker with the Omni option in the MIDI In settings page on the Pyramid.

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I think I have all the tracks set to different midi channels, but for some reason when I’m playing on one track that goes to channel 1 via midi output A, channel 2 also starts playing.

I really have no idea what’s going on haha.

Got it, I had to select the right midi channel on the keystep bij holding down shift and pressing a key.

Check out

Lots of great info there!

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thanks dude appreciate it!

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Sounds like you need to rtfm a bit. Though:

1.) Check your synths to make sure they are set to a specific channel
2.) Check the MIDI IN options – there’s an option where pyramid will broadcast midi only on the channel of the selected track. There are other options where it just broadcasts or forcibly broadcasts to a specific channel.
3.) Those two should be enough - but ther’es always the possibility that a synth has a bug and isn’t respecting midi channel (this has happened to me 2 or 3 times in the last couple years).

If you can’t figure it out, you can always plug a PC into your midi hub and have it print out received midi messages. Then from the contents of the message you can figure out where the poor configuration is in your network.


Also, don’t forget that Pyramid have an onboard Midi monitor:
That can be useful for troubleshooting.