Good synth-as-controller for Pyramid?

Wondering what you all are using and liking.

I’m currently considering getting a Monomachine Keyboard (if it can pair well with the Pyramid) or some 90s/00s digital synth (Roland/Kawaii?) to complement the analogs around here. Something with a good keybed, octave range, polyphony and solid midi implementation would be ideal for me.

Looking forward to hearing about what you all are liking!

Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard

That sounds like a perfect match for the Squarp, and anything else would be uncivilized, indeed. Given the lack of response assume that’s what everyone else is using.

The quality keybed, sympathetic design aesthetic, and deep sound shaping possibilities are definitely appealing.

You forgot about the excellent keyboard with aftertouch from Fatar

The Yamaha SY77 I found to work well with the Pyramid, and has a great keyboard. It is particularly hard to program, but very deep and the dedication can pay off with some interesting sounds. It can also do microtonal scales, and has a multi-mode.

I use a SL 73 Hammer Action fatar midi controller. If i was going to use a synth as my main board I would probably go a VA synth with good controls and polyphony. Nord lead or Acess Virus.