Glitchy/non-responsive touchpad on Pyramid

Does anyone else have any issues with their Pyramid touchpad? It’s often unresponsive (ie I often have to turn the Pyramid on and off to get it to work), then when it does finally react to touch and the pop-up “Not Assigned” box on the screen appears and I assign a CC, it sticks on a CC number and refuses to work properly.

I thought it might be the new OS v3.1, but thinking now it might be a hardware issue. Hope it isn’t as I’m already on my second unit.

Hi! I had the same problem : pressing the pad too much caused it to get stuck on a value, and it could only be reset by restarting the unit.

The support team told me it could be a calibration problem. They have a secret shortcut when booting the machine to pop up a calibration tool… sorry i forgot it! But i remember it didn’t solve my problem. I had to send my unit back to their workshop, so they could check if it was a hardware problem. but i never send it as i was too often using the Pyramid for live gigs. I simply stopped using the pad…

I think you should directly adress this issue to the support team and keep us informed!


Yeah same. Had a similar issue and did a “back to base” of unit. Support were excellent.
Are you on a MK1 or MK2 ?


Thanks for the replies Yan & Bambrose. It’s a Mk2 version. I’m going to contact Squarp and see what can be done - it’ll be a shame if I have to return the unit again, but better that I have one that works properly.

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Hi - had a reply from Squarp and my Pyramid seems to be working ok now (fingers crossed). Basically you can calibrate the touchpad:

  • hold encoder 2 while powering ON Pyramid: “touch to verify” must appear.
  • touch the touchpad: “slide axis xy” appears

Good way to test things are ok with your touchpad. I’ll report back if I get any more problems.