Glide/Portamento/Slew Limiting

Alright, I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking around for an answer for this but have had no luck. Are there any plans to add glide to future firmware updates for the Hapax? Feels like this should be available given the 4 cv/gate outs.



Mono Mode/Legato is on their radar, as i understand it


Good point. For midi tracks it doesn’t make sense, but for cv it does indeed.

Would be great. Ideally implemented with either a fixed rate or fixed time glide setting, or even optionally similar to how FL Studio does this for native plugins (with a glide time that can be different per note)

please send feature requests to squarp via the contact form.
this gives Squarp not only ideas about what is wanted, but also how many are interested in it… and so might help prioritise it.

as for plans…
Squarp don’t really discuss future plans/roadmaps here, so frankly, the community does not know the answer… and there are many things ‘on the radar’, again, only Squarp can tell you if its near / far :wink:

Oh, I also just noticed that there is no glide/portamento in HAPAX. That’s a bummer!