Getting Lost in Layer Modes - Anyone help paraphrase for me?

I’m getting lost in the different Layers settings.
My current workaround has been to set it via MIDI, but having it on a per kit basis would be easiest.

My Layers setting in the main Settings area has always been Manual.
I created a new Kit, loaded it, but it defaults to Random. Whut?

I have to go into the Layers Mode from the regular display screen ([Assign] -> [1,2,3,4]) and change each individually from Random. Then I Store the Kit.

Am I missing something in my workflow?

I would like:

  • System Default to be Manual
  • Each New Kit, or if I understand it correctly also any kit that has not had its Layers Mode Settings Stored, to default to Manual
  • Understand in my head where the per kit settings end and the system settings begin and the Save/Store sequence that I should be using

I’ve moron’d and I can’t get up.
Can anyone 'splain this with a few more words than the manual that might help clear it up for me?

Running the latest OS - yup, the one that came out today.
I didn’t get it with the last OS anyway.

are you asking why the default for Layer = Random? (rather than Manual)

if so, then Id say its because a common use of layers is to provide alternatives samples, so that every ‘hit’ does not sound the same… (pretty common for percussion samples)

sure Manual is useful too, but you can only have one default…
(and im sure if Squarp changed it, someone would ask for it to be changed back :wink: )

There’s the Default Layer Mode selected in Settings
And then you can Assign a different Layer Mode separately, per voice, and in the Kit.

When I set the Default Layer Mode to “Manual”, the kit Layer Modes for a new kit are Random, where the Manual states under Settings > Layer: “After a kit load, if the kit has never been saved before, all voices will be set with this selected mode.”

If I’m understaning this, you can have one global default for new kits, or unsaved kits (ie the kit has yet to have gone through the Kit SaveToCard routine), and yet have different settings for individual SPs in each kit that you can set and save via the “Store” command (in Settings - which I think is different than Save Settings which is for the Global stuff…I think…whut?).

I’m finding that even if I set the Default, unsaved and new kits are not…umm…defaulting.

Okay, nevermind.

It’s back to working how I expected:
Default in the Settings is for new kits.
Then you can save individual behaviours for individual kits separately.
I wasn’t sure if I wasn’t understanding what’s supposed to happen (ie those brain cells had deteriorated) or if it was a bug in the new OS.

The problem I was experiencing became worse on other levels, so I did the format & reload and things are back to working as expected - so I’m not crazy. Well, in this respect.

There is only one Default for new kits, but you can set up different behaviours per kit/per SP…which is FREAKIN BRIL!


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