Generative 32 step to Piston Honda and lpg

I made this basic 32 step track and i made some automation of midi fx and i use only cv out on borads in pyra,env out sending modulation to piston honda,also i use arp fx ,lfo,random,and scale effects from pyramid for change every time i want diferent arp lfo and quantize settings…)

hi trwofc,
how do you get modulation from youre pyramid into your eurorack. i cant figure out how on earth this will work.
from the manual read that this is possible via the env out. but even this i couldnt figure out.
im using an fh1 and would love to use the cv outs as modulation ports for my eurorack.

Hi …you can get modulation from env out like this:enter in track mode yellow button…than hold down midi channel and scroll data encoder to assign cv gate on track…and turn encoder 1 to select destination of env out …and select modulation…modulation is cc1 you can create a modulation line in the same track…you can create a sort of lfo with touch pad,fade in,sweep filter or assign lfo from pyra fx…rember lfo is not free runnig you have to stepping,than go in step mode green button hold down and scroll data encoderyoun can see chord mode,euclidian mode on display and after effects page you found cc message modulation…in this page with encode 3 you can decide the intensity of cv message with encoder 3…i speck bad english if you don’t understand me i try to explain you better later…from fh1 that maybe is my option to buy is quite easy go in the web editor and configure cv out…

Hi, thanks a lot that answers everything, i didnt know that modulation cc 1 will be assigned to env out.
the fh-1 works brilliant with pyra toghether and the price was definetly a go. i allready use the first expansion.