Gated stutter effects on synth pads using Pyramid

Hi there,

I’m thinking of making the leap & buying a Pyramid, but I need to know if you can produce a gated effect on synth pads. I see you can affect all CCs, so can you automate a gate effect using Volume without having to go into each 16th (for example) and turn down the volume manually?

Logic has a gate that has easy controls to create this by triggering the effect using another track.

Would just be good to know the workflow for this.

Thanks for the help.


Yes we can!

Insert a LFO MIDI FX on the pyramid track (SQUARE or RAMP wave work best for this) and program it’s destination to the Volume CC or Filter Cutoff Freq CC of your hardware or software synth.


Tempo sync your synth (slave) to the clock of the pyramid and use an available LFO of your synth to modulate it’s volume or cutoff freq. Activate the LFO tempo sync on your synth (not all HW synths do support tempo synced LFO’s though, especially the vintage ones).

By the way, in case of vintage or modular synths, you can also try to send the LFO FX signal of the pyramid via the 2nd CV output on the pyramid to your hardware synth, if it has an amp level input (VCA in) or a filter cutoff freq input (VCF in or FILTER in).

Good luck!

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That’s fantastic - thanks so much! Great to know I can get that effect with the Pyramid - can’t wait to get mine. Also good to know there’s a helpful & supportive community here for it too. Cheers.