Gate Signals Occasionally Not Triggering Sample

I’m using a custom sample bank. Each channel has a custom sample. The grand majority of the time, a gate signal from Steppy to the channel will trigger the sample as normal, but every once in a while the gate will not retrigger the sample. I have double-checked that Steppy is not the issue and is consistently sending out proper gate signals. Have swapped out patch cables, etc. The samples are 16 steps long and are re-triggered every 16 steps by Steppy. Using the branded Rample SD card running v 1.41. I’ve tried experimenting with different gate lengths, and I see the problem on occasion regardless of length.

Anyone experiencing an issue like this? Been dealing with it for a month and it’s driving me up the walls.

is it just the same sample bank/sample?
if you can reproduce it consistently, perhaps contact squarp via the contact form
that way you can then supply them with the sample to see if they can also reproduce?
(perhaps upload the bank some where so that Squarp can access it)

It’s different samples, but in the same bank that are causing it, all on channel 3.

yeah, i meant rather, do you get this only on your custom sample kit…
or do you get the same thing with (factory) sample kits supplied with the rample?

obviously the more you can tie-down exactly whats causing the issue - the more likely you can help Squarp to reproduce, and so possibly help you fix it.

Just reformatted my SD card and re-transferred my sample library and I think I might be in business…

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