FX using microtones like Euclidean

So been watching a few videos on scales guy called synthdiy on YouTube…

Struck me if custom scales were just any scale that is not dividing the octave by 12 the Euclidean sequencer in pyramid does this with notes in a bar… could something do this with number of notes per octave and maybe have controls for the intervals…

Could there be a mode or FX in the pyramid that you set the division of the octave in the same way as the Euclidean mode but with notes… say 23 notes in a scale?

Maybe i need look at scalar more closely

not really,

the main issue is the pyramid is midi/whole note focused, (i.e. you cannot have fractional pitch)
so microtones have to be done as note + pitchbend, and if you’re using a single midi channel that means it’s monophonic, and there is no support on the Pyramid for multi channel data on a single track . (and it’d be a huge amount of work to do that!)

the reason the current ‘scales’ work, is they are all subsets of the chromatic scale.

(*) If I wanted to do this, what I would do is - get something like a Axoloti, rPI or Organelle,
connect the midi output from the Pyramid to it, and then implement a MidiFX on that box, that re-inteprets the midi to a new microtone scale - this could then use pitchbend on multiple channels etc.
(this approach works for other scales not based on the western chromatic scale too)

there are a couple of limitations

  • they pyramid knows nothing of the scale, so the UI is tricky - it would only really make much sense if you used a controller that fed it midi in the same converted microtone scale - so you could ‘play it in’
  • midi is limited to 127 notes, so with your 23 note scale, could only yield 5.5 octaves.

(*) I half remembering seeing a device you could buy that basically does this, but remember what it was called :slight_smile: - perhaps if you google microtonal midi converter or something similar, it’ll pop up…


awesome reply! I did look at uTune a eurorack module that seems to cover this off but was wondering if I had missed something in the pyramid… thanks again mate! will look into your suggestions! G

Sorry for adding to a thread that has sufficient answers. I just want to add one other bit of info that seems to get lost. MIDI is just data. The Pyramid says “play MIDI note 73”. It doesnt say “play C#” (although in most applications thats what will happen). What MIDI note #73 sounds like is up to the synth and doesnt actually need to be a C# nor even anything remotely tunable or even tuned to Equal Temperament.

It’s just data.

How that data is interpreted is based on your synth patch.

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I think i saw it here and bookmarked it. Generally i just pgm a PB msg before/after.

TBX2 from Hpi?

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I suppose given the scalar fx in pyramid i thought (wrongly) that the pyramid could do something in relation to pitch… mainly down to me not thinking it through enough :slight_smile: that’s why I am glad for you guys correcting me lol