FX processing for incoming MIDI/CV

Is it possible to process incoming MIDI or CV with the Squarp’s various FX?

For example, I would like to arpeggiate notes played into the pyramid (as I’m playing) or quantize incoming CV to a certain scale.

Forgot where I was (delete me)

Yes, FX are applied to MIDI in on the Pyramid (previous comment is referring to the Hermod I think).

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Crud… I can’t believe I missed that.
Ugh… Sorry.

It’s fine, happens to everyone - cool to see you here btw, your video on the MMT-8 was one of my inspirations to get a pyramid myself :smiley:


the FX can also be applied to the CV input on the Pyramid too.

Thanks everyone!

thetechnobear: So then, does CV in operate different than MIDI in, in that I could quantize some voltage in real time w/o having to record it to a step sequence first?

CV and midi , both get converted to ‘note data’ which is what the fx work on (not midi) , and yes the fx work without recording. So yes you could ‘live’ quantize.

Awesome. So just to confirm, you would still need to have a root note recorded into Squarp’s step sequence to get it to work, right?

for CV in, for pitch is already quantised to a 12 note scale, even without a quantizer, i.e. it generates a note, but no pitchbend (bug/limitation ?!) - so id only need to use scale fx, if i wanted to fix it to a scale (e.g. major/minor)

you don’t need any root note - the cv is converted to a note, this can be ‘calibrated’ via the cv options if necessary , then the scale fx, has the ‘key’ (=root note) as well as scale.

i saw, before you edited, you said you were doing cv in -> cv out, this is not something ive tried, Ive always used either for CV IN -> midi/sequencer or sequencer/midi to CV out.
(i.e. I’m using it as a sequencer, or cv to/from midi converter)

if your having an issue with cv in->cv out, perhaps there is some kind of cv ‘thru’… id have to set up some more gear to test that one :wink:

Thanks—yeah what I am aiming to do is process CV “thru” the Squarp’s scale quantization, but am not quite sure if it’s capable.

My specific scenario is to take the DFAM’s PITCH out > Squarp CV IN > FX:SCALE > CV OUT > MULT > DFAM VCO 1 & 2 IN

hmm, I’ll see if i can set something up to test this, I’d be pretty surprised if its not working.

Q. in the setting->CV, you CV in, set to CV/Gate ?

do you have CV input working as expected, if you record it in the sequencer, or send it to a midi device?


JUST got it to work—sort of. I had to send it both CV and GATE to get it to do stuff. What’s additionally weird is that it seems to only work intermittently. It’ll go back and forth between dancing across the scale to holding on a single note, and it doesn’t seem to be a cable issue—I was quantizing the FAM with my Metropolis sequencer with the same cables, and while the results were unpredictable, the note magic was steady.

My hunch is that it’s not consistently picking up the gate in time, due to clock latency or something. I have the Squarp as my master clock, with clock sent to Yarns and out to the DFAM

To answer the earlier questions: yes to CV being set to CV/Gate, and yes to being able to record CV in. The gate length is indeed very very short.

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yeah, I just set up a test here, and it basically works as far as i can tell…
but there were some oddities, as you say i think with gate… however, im having some ‘cable issues’ so, Im not 100% sure, the issues aren’t of my own making :wink: