FX note filter for Random?

Is it possible to have only certain (selected) notes (in a bar) to be effected by an FX particularly in RANDOM?

For example, I have a drum loop with BD, SD, HH, PERCS, TOMS.
I would like Random fx to only effect Percs and toms, so that the base rhythm stays same, only “fills”=perc/toms change.

Is it possible, or do I just have to make another loop with notes (percs/toms) that I want randomised?


You’ll want to split the drums to more than one track. In case you haven’t noticed, multiple tracks can share the same MIDI channel, which allows placing control data on separate track from notes and selected or even individual drums on separate tracks. FX affects just the track, not channel so this allows for fine-grained FX on the drums.

The general advice on the board seems to be placing each drum on a track of their own for total control. I’m personally a bit torn over that, for my uses it feels more trouble than its worth most of the time, but at any rate you’ll want to separate the base rhythm to a track of its own and fill components to one or more additional tracks.


Thanks @pmatilai very sound advice.
I know they can share multiple tracks and midi channels, didn’t try split them individually per track, seems overkill.

I made up some similar templates for drums like that (and synths)…BD+SD,
Too bad I can’t set probability per note like on Elektron gear like in Octatrack

I didn’t think it could be done, but you never know, maybe it could…

I don’t know how per-note probability works on the Octratrack, but on the Pyramid you can change the FX parameters such as probability via effects stepmode step-lock automation. So you can set probability per step, and if the notes (especially for drums) are split across separate tracks, you get something to that direction at least.

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Thanks, that’s it. ^^^

BTW, on OT, you can assign just about anything to a step, but that’s another story.

Cheers :beers:

Except on OT, a step is only one event. Pyramid one step may harbour multiple events

Not only 1 event on Octatrack per step though, a step is only a single event that can hold only 1 kind of trig and trig condition, but you can lock other parameters such as pitch, LFOs etc on that same step.

I do wish the Pyramid had trig conditions though, random is nice but obviously not a direct substitute.

Yeah totally agree. its the most versatile implementation I have used. I’ve seen it implemented in a reason rack extension after people asking for it. You can use only one bar and have an ever changing pattern across many bars. That would really help in Pyramid by saving precious memory or the usage of more tracks to accomplish the same task.

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