FX automation bug in PyraOS 3.22?

In a project I am working on, I suddenly miss all kinds of automation for the FX that I thought I had set up. Maybe I’m wrong, so I set it again … Just a few “enable” settings for Harmony, Arp and Rand which are switched on at the beginning and switched off later in the song … but that suddenly no longer works ! Disabled effects are not enabled at the beginning and not disabled later. After trying, I have now discovered that it does not work on the first step of a pattern, but it does work on the second. Could it be that I discovered a bug here that suddenly pops up in PyraOS 3.22 which I also flashed today?

Hi @OpenMind_NL
I had no success recreating this issue with 3.22
Can you please send a message to the support team via https://squarp.net/contact with a procedure to recreate the problem? Thanks!


After I finished last night I turned off all the equipment. Just turned everything back on and tried to reproduce the problem with the same project, but when I now move the FX automation from step 2 to step 1 everything seems to work properly again. Maybe something has been “reset” after the power cycle? Or maybe it only happens with projects that were saved under a previous OS? In any case, I am 100% sure that the problem did occur last night AND I could reproduce it time after time, just as other illogical things happen. Last week it happened that Program Changes that were on step 12 were already activated at step 1 … no idea if I can still reproduce that. And I know very well what I do. MIDI has no secrets for me for 30 years…

It’s happening again and now I’m 100% sure. I can’t replicate it with a clean new project, but with a project I’m currently working on, I can replicate it indefinitely. :sweat_smile:

I also checked the procedure with a new SD card that only contains this project and my def.txt. Result is the same.

I have prepared a ZIP-file that contains the project file, my def.txt and a few instructions to replicate the procedure. I wanted to send it to you but I don’t see a way to attach the ZIP-file to the report. Any other option? :slightly_smiling_face:

I just remembered that I had to send a project earlier… also because of a bug. So I checked my contact list and found contact [at] squarp.net.… and I have just sent the ZIP file with project and info to that address. :blush:

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