"Full Iso" keyboard mode display option - Do you like this idea?

Hi all. Yesterday I submitted the following feature request for the Hapax. I was told that the Hapax could accommodate the request. But at present I’m the only one who wants it.

So I am interested in finding out how many of you would also like this feature? (I guess either “like” this post or reply with yes)? Thank you for your opinion!

The Request:
Can there be a keyboard mode in live scale mode where instead of the layout of the pads changing when you select a color and scale, the keyboard stays in full chromatic but lights up the correct keys in the scale, while keeping unlit any note that is not a part of the scale? This would make it easier for full isomorphic playing. The challenge for me is quickly finding notes that both are within the scale I want to use, because the only notes currently lit up are the root notes.

So, maybe a general setting for how the keyboard works – in one setting, it works as it is currently programmed. When the “full iso” mode is checked, the keyboard remains in full chromatic mode, but the scales are now shown using some light scheme where all notes that fit within a scale are lit.


i trigger all my notes externally from a keyboard so probably less useful for me, though something like that for step mode entry i could see being more efficient

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Agree with @chrisroland. I key in with my keyboards, but for editing, this keyboard mode would be extremely helpful!

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Seems cool, maybe with a different colour just on the root notes?

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I like it and I would use it if they implemented it.

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I would also use it

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I would use this mode if added.

YES I like it too!

Sometimes I have to deactivate the pScale to add notes that are not available in the scale.

By the way I don’t think using an external keyboard gives you access to the notes that are not present in the selected scale (pScale active)