Froze Whilst Saving | All Projects are now corrupted

Hermod recently froze up while saving. The buttons/controls started flashing, at which point the device became unresponsive to any controls. When I power cycled it my sequences became corrupted. Now, when loading a project file I receive the following error: "SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHILE LOADING PRESS ANY KEY AND RETRY. Now only the first 8 steps of any given sequence play, as if the rest of the project was forgotten. New projects (newly saved) when re-loaded also give the error message.

No idea what to do next…

I’ve owned the module (purchased new) less than a month.

[edit, per the broken cv output - I rebooted the device again and that seems to be working again - still the corrupted files are a bummer]

Something else I’ve noticed / When using a gate output from Hermod to Pam’s New Workout - the BPM is now always 2 values less than what is reported on Hermod (120BPM clock from Hermod shows up as 118 on PNW)

Hi @rlifberg

Thanks for your message. We are currently working on an update fixing all know bugs, to be released very soon (for example the +2BPM issue).

We never experienced or had feedback on your problem. Now, when you save you new created projects, are you able to reproduce that issue? Thanks!

Yes, so for instance if I format a brand new SD card, save and load a few new projects, everything works as it should. (aside from my newly acquired 2BPM offset…)
If I transfer a project from the ‘corrupted’ SD onto the new SD and attempt to load an old project, I’ll be presented with the error: "SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHILE LOADING PRESS ANY KEY AND RETRY. From that point on ANY project (new or old) will throw the same error message until I format the SD card again.

Strange… Can you please send us via email (contact(at)squarp(dot)net) one of your faulty project, so we can test it?