Freeze on startup - how to update FW?

my pyramid often freezes on startup saying “loading…”. Other times is starts OK. Did anyone experience this?

I should probably update the firmware, but I don’t want to lose my work and settings before a gig I’m preparing for. Do you guys recommend any backup procedure that might save me if something (apart from bricking) goes wrong?

Id definitely be backing up often and regularly, yes.

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Oh, and adding: my Pyramid has never frozen on startup that i can recall

I’d start from the sd-card:

  1. backup it
  2. clean the contacts
  3. try with another card

and now it froze during saving :frowning: I wonder if the save file will be corrupted

Thats bizarre if it freezes in saving.
Cant say for sure, obvs, but that def sounds like a corrupted SD card or something similar. (Bad processor, bad connection, etc)

Save what you can and try a fresh SD card…?

yeah that’s my conclusion too, I’m going to buy a new sd card. However I tried to test the original one in a computer and it didn’t detect any problems.

the project folder was empty, but it seems pyramid creates a backup before saving so I didn’t lose anything (I would probably lose any new work if I did any since the last save)

I successfully updated the pyraOS to 3.22 but it still sometimes freezes on project load. I’ll report back again when I have the new SD card

the Pyramid does not required an SD card to be inserted for it to ‘work’.
(it only uses it for projects and saved settings)
so id test that to check its only an issue with the sdcard.

then Id backup the sdcard to your computer.
then format it.
then try loading and saving projects.

finally then just copy the project over to the sdcard, and see if its project that is the issue.
(rather than the settings)

sdcards do sometimes go ‘bad’ , but it’s not that common. (btw: id also test/clean the adapter, which i assume your using)

its also possibly something in your project/settings - hence why to try a freshly formatted card, and a new project.
if its an issue with the project - it may be squarp can help you out with it.

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yes the problem only occured (sometimes) when pyramid tried loading or saving to the sd card. I bought a new SD card and so far it haven’t happened again yet…


well now it froze again with a new SD card when saving a project while being powered and clocked from a PC through USB. So far only this one freeze