Forum Hygiene Tips

Hi there,

If folks include their current firmware version in their preferences / profile, it will probably help when the community offers help. :slight_smile:


I think, generally you’d reasonably expect people to be on the latest firmware …. And explicitly state if they were using a beta, or old firmware.

( using old firmware is bad idea since if you have an issue it’s imperative to first know if it’s present in current release)

there are some exceptions to this , but would be true most of the time.


I guess making assumptions about which firmware people are using is fine when reading a new topic.

But when reading older topics it isn’t very straight forward to figure out what the latest firmware was at the time of the original post. Especially with public beta firmware around.

And for that reason, I would opt for stating the firmware in question in the discussion. Instead of stating

Example: Envelopes per event? - #13 by patchbae

Fair point. Closing thread.

I’ll close , as does not appear to be going anywhere.

One key point here , is no one here can mandate what others are going to put in their posts - my experience is even if it’s suggested very few will actually ‘comply’ … and it’s not something as a mod that I’m going to insist on :wink: