For PyraMIDI: DJTT Midi Fighter Twister


after an initial test, I wanted to share my partly positive experience with this MIDI controller, using it with PyraMIDI.

It’s a very well-build device with a clear interface, endless rotary controllers and clear leds indicating the position of the encoder and button values.

Very easy to program and customize as well, but could be improved though (buttons are only MAX or MIN values, not possible to program something in between, damn).

It could extend the live possibilities of the Pyramid as a live looper / sequencer, making life a lot easier already by being able to select tracks while staying in LIVE or SEQ mode for example.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be able to program CC values to the buttons! So track SOLOING and SELECTING is impossible right now, as Pyramidi is using CC values (of the same CC number) between 0 and 127 for this.

Damn, I just thought I finally had found the ideal solution for my LIVE troubles, reducing the need to switch modes on the pyramid while live performing, and being confused by that al the time.

Another positive thing of the MF Twister: it’s not taking that much space (half the width of the Pyramid).

And one other thing to keep in mind though: it has only MIDI over USB, so no DIN ports!!

I have the MIDI fighter connected together with my PYRAMID to the USB HOST jack of my MIO MIDI interface (via a powered USB hub), routing the MIDI fighter in the MIO software directly to the Pyramid.

Works like a charm, but very stupid it’s not working with CC values, that’s the only thing that should be improved…

Maybe someone might be helped with this.

Have fun!!

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FYI there is an alternate Track Mute mode that doesn’t use Midi CC but note on events on the PyraMidi input channel. And reading the twister manual seems to say that it can send a specific CC value on an encoder press, so you should be able to mute/unmute/solo tracks from the twister

pyraOS V2.00 (30 may 2017)
If MIDI IN > PYRAMIDI activated, you can now mute/unmute track with an external keyboard:

  • note 36 (C2) = mute/unmute track 01
  • note 99 (D7#) = mute/unmute track 64


Didn’t know the muting via note on/off, but indeed that option is mentioned in the pyramidi manual as well, thanks.

But anyway, muting / unmuting tracks was the only thing that did work with the twister, very well by the way, as pyramidi uses ‘off’ = 0 and on = ‘other value’ (so also 127) on 64 different CC numbers.

That made me very happy about the twister / pyramid combo initially, untill I discovered I couldn’t program the other stuff.

Because, as opposed to ‘track mute’, ‘track solo’ and ‘track select’ require 64 different CC values on just one and the same CC number for each of those 2 functions!

As you can’t program CC values with the twister software, I thaught that wasn’t possible, but you think it is?

I’ve also read the twister manual, but I thought that last part was just the MIDI implementation of the twister itself. As I don’t really want an extra MIDI controller … just to control my twister MIDI controller, I didn’t check that part very well.

But if it would be possible, I don’t really understand why they didn’t make the CC value parameter also programmable via the editor software.

It’s just way quicker and easier to program it via software, than connecting another MiDI controller (to a device that has no DIN ports) and sending one CC value at a time to each encoder button…

I have checked the manual of the twister again, but I really can’t see how to program CC values, in order to have ‘track solo’ and ‘track select’ work with pyramidi.

If you now how, I’d be very happy to know, thanks!

I’ve mailed DJTT support as wel, but so far no reply yet.

I think if an encoder switch can send note messages, or 0 and 127 values of CC messages, it should also be able to send CC values between the extremes, and it’s just a matter of programming this option in the configuration software…