Fixing empty first pattern on midi type 1 file import


I’m exporting midi type 1 files with Logic, every track becomes a pattern on the pyramid.
That works fine, but the first pattern is always empty. No big deal but I’m converting a ton of tracks to the Pyramid so I’d like to avoid it.

I read in other topics that the reason is some sort of header in the Logic Pro generated midi type 1 file that Pyramid misunderstands.
As a fix for this may not come soon (I haven’t reported it yet and maybe nobody has…) and I’m doing this stuff now, does anybody have a method to strip this header?

I’m ok with a python script or something, whatever works for now as I’m a bit on a schedule :slight_smile:

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I think you best bet is to report it,
I’ve reported in the past, but honestly, didnt have time/motivation to test wth later firmware versions.
(so many daws, and they all act differently with type 1 files)

i dont know of any scripts… I think if you want one you’ll likely have to ‘roll up your sleeves’
the midi file format is not that complex, so its likely pretty simple to do… also you’ll find various libraries for things like python which’ll help you with the parsing.

I for one reported this during 4.0 beta, the issue is that “real” Type-1 files are expected to have track 0 with metadata only such as song name etc, but this confuses the Pyramid which uses the Type-1 format for different purpose than the MIDI standard intended. It remains an issue as messing with the file read process is risky wrt compatibility.

On a computer it’s easy to fix by just stripping track 0: pmatilai/pyratools: Misc. utility scripts related to the Squarp Pyramid sequencer - at main - pyratools - (may need tweaking to run on non-Linux platforms)


thanks, that will be a major timesaver for me.
I’ll let you know how it runs when I try it later on!

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