Fixing a shattered screen cover

A few weeks ago my Hapax had an accident which included a cheap digital microscop with a solid steel plate base, a cable, a height difference of ~one meter and a very clumsy me. :person_facepalming:

I reached out to Squarp and they generously sent me a replacement cover

These are the steps it took to replace the broken one.

  1. gently pull on the 9 knobs to remove them
  2. use a Torx Tx6 screwdriver to remove all the black and silver screws from the front plate
  3. lift off the front plate
  4. Press from below against the broken screen cover, hot air helps with softening the glue but it took some effort

  5. Clean up the left over sticky mess (I also used some hand desinfectant as solvent - works better than alcohol as it does not evaporate as fast)
  6. small touch up (optional)

  7. remove protective film from the replacement part and carefully place it in position

  8. Before reassembly check for dust and fingerprints below the panels and on the screens
  9. screw the top plate back in place, put the knobs back on, check for clickyness - enjoy

Now back to re-arranging the studio, my final project for this year and I really want to get it done today :sunglasses:

Thanks to Squarp ro the part!

All the best for the new year,

(Oh, and if you happen to be in Germany in the area around Göppingen / Schwäbisch Gmünd… I’m looking for collaborators and jam partners :crazy_face: - just drop me a line)


Really cool of them to send you the replacement part! And congrats on the successful repair!