First track with hermod (with great powers)

This is my first track with the hermod. I’m normally sequencing everything from the teletype, the idea is to delegate long melodies and sequencing of external midi gear to the hermod, so I had to write aøsomething with a long melody and use the yamaha reface dx.

Also testing the limits of odd meters possibilities in hermod, this was on the edge. Luckily the hermod team has been most responsive to my requests and new features making this much easier should be on the way :slight_smile:

This is awesome! Really great melodies.

I notice you don’t really touch the hermod during the performance. Did you have it on the same sequence the whole time, muting tracks with another module (i think that red one with the led buttons?)? And what you were using the hermod cv inputs for in this?

Ok also curious how you did the soloing part from the one knob with your left hand. Was that just a dc offset going into a scale quantizer or something?

nice stuff, thanks for sharing

Thanks for the kind words and for listening!

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of syncing the teletype and the hermod. In this setup hermod changes sequences based on CV in send from teletype. I guess I could do all kind of things with hermod live, but seq switch and mutes (unfortunately I don’t gel with the current mute implementation) would be my main reasons for touching it during performance. As you can see I have my hands full, it’s a matter of using my hands and attention where it has the most impact…

After this was recorded I switched to a more reliable sync strategy, where hermod is master sending 16th notes out of CV/gate pair 8, the gate triggers script 1 on the teletype (essentially replacing the metro script), and the cv controls pattern switching on the teletype. This means that I’d be switching seqs on hermod and teletype fill follow. I’m pretty sure that’s the setup in the next video to appear on my channel and the method I’ll stick to in the future…

The knob solo is just a knob on the teletype selecting a note in a scale, in this case the scale changes slightly to follow the chord progression. I used to do this on a separate quantizer, but I’m trying to work towards a live setup where I can easily and quickly move between different ‘songs’, and having it in the teletype is just easier in this context + I can make it do whatever I need, like follow the changes in this case.

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This is really cool. Love the squishy funk!

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Nice thats super cool, thanks for the extra patch notes!

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