First post: big ask: any chance of Hz/v on Hapax?

Hello there,

I’m new to Hapax and Squarp in general. I picked up a Korg MS-20 original and I reckon the Hapax would be a great sequencer for it, if it could do Hz/v. I know there are work-around’s for the MS-20 using frequency to voltage, however its not very reliable.
Maybe its there already and I just don’t know how to set it up?



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Hey, same problem here, I have tried to send cv values from Hapax to my old ms-20, but in spite some notes are tunned most of them are not. I’ve tried both options 1 and 1.2 v. Any ideas?


Well, the Hz/V scaling on the Pyramid never worked properly, so I can’t imagine it translating well to Hapax.

I also have an old MS-20, and I have been told that it should be in the next version, 1.20.

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ohhh I can´t wait for it :slight_smile:

This is great to hear. I’ve been using my old Elektron analog four to sequence it via CV. W/ the hapax, I’ve gone back to using midi for the time being, but I miss the expressiveness/tightness that CV offers.

Hello again,

since the great new update (2.0) now there is the possibility to calibrate the 4 cv outputs, but the calibration is only over the C notes, thus the other notes of the scale still are out of tune in my old MS 20. Or am I missing something?

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