First note pitch is off after sequence change

Hi guys, I’m running the latest firmware and am running into a problem. I have a couple of sequences that I want to just manually change between. If I play any sequence by itself it is fine. But, if I go from one sequence to another in seq mode, the first note of the next sequence is off pitch.

The issue only happens the first time the new sequence is played. If I let it repeat, it plays correctly the next time. I’ve tried deleting the notes, copying the sequence to a new track, but the issue is still there. Wanted to see if anyone else experienced anything similar.

Update on this, it appears as though the issue still happens even if I remove the first note completely.

So for example, if the first note of a sequence was an E6, and because of this error it was playing a B6, even if I remove that note, it still plays a B6.

Also, it appears as though the problem removes itself if I lower the steps in my sequence, specifically to 6. The current length for the track that the issue appears on is 54, but it seems that any number higher than 6, the issue comes back.


Finally there is someone who is experiencing the same bug as me !

Any idea how to fix this ?

I’m running the latest firmware too…


So I sent an request to Squarp, they asked me to send them my project, now I assume I juste have to wait and see !

Hey, so my issue was that my sequences were of different length, which I guess causes an issue with Hermod. If you want to avoid the issue, your sequences all have to be the same length. Annoying, but it did solve the issue

Hey, thank you very much for your answer !

Well, as you said, this is really annoying… I hope Squarp will resolve this issue !

Thank you again !

So I sent an email to Squarp. They are now aware of this problem and they told me it will be fixed on the next firmware update. They weren’t able to tell me when it will be, but it will be !