First few steps out of time on first play [EDIT solved]

Hi Squarps

  • MIDI out to Korg Kronos in
  • pyraOS V3.21

The first 3 steps of any track - including the metronome - are significantly out of time when I record something. I think that the first step is a bit late, then the next two steps ‘hurry’ to get back on time.

Whether I record in realtime, step mode, with / without quantize (with no fx), I have this problem. It actually happens both when I record a track and when it gets played for the first time. However, when it loops the problem goes away.

Seems like the Pyramid has problems sending the first few MIDI events when the play button is pressed? Has anybody else had this problem or resolved it?

EDIT: after writing this I wondered whether it was actually to do with the Kronos clock sync, and I switched this off and it resolved the problem. So it was nothing to do with the Pyramid all along.