Fill button is nonresponsive

I had just finished programming a drum beat on a drum mode track with some chance and math added into a few hits. After that I went to press the fill button to add some drum fills, but the fill button is non-responsive, and the drum beats entered into the grid are dimly lit, compared to bright as normal.

It would seem any time I hold a step, and dial in some chance or math the pads seem to dim, and then every step I press after that, additionally adds chance or math to the next step as well and then of course the problem trying to get into adding fills next.

So I guess the problem is two fold…
When I enter a step and in dial in some chance or math. Sometimes chance or math is applied to the next added step as well, and sometimes it is not….how do I get the next step to not copy the same chance or math. And how do I get my pads to go back to normal (non dim).

I’m sure this is just me being new to this device and some thing I’m doing incorrectly.

I just ran into the same issue. I held the Fill button and added a few steps. However, the LEDs are stuck in the Fill state (i.e. non-fill notes are dim, fill notes are bright). The behavior of the Fill button remains correct though (holding the Fill button enables Fill behavior on notes with fill).

Okay, interesting update:

The stuck Fill behavior is saved with the project. If I create a new project, the behavior goes away. If I reload the project (which I’ve named FILLBUG), the stuck fill state is still in place… even if I power-cycle the unit. Creating a new project or loading a different project re-enables the correct behavior.

I can’t upload the file here. I’ll start a support email.