1 - More sequences ( to extend to a maximum of 96 , which means 6 groups of 16 sequences )

2- Ability of scrolling through sequences ( like we can already) and in realtime entering in to the desired sequence with a double click of the encoder, whatever we are running at the moment

3 - Ability of previewing the tracks of a certain sequence before to jump in

4 - Possibility of chaining patterns inside sequences like we already do when chaining sequences inside the Play Project Mode . ( GAme Change )

5- The first I said .

And what you?


Agreed on all points, hopefully the update has something for Seq Mode :slight_smile:

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Finally ! Someone who understand how important is the SEQ mode, and how is underdeveloped compared to the other modes !

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Yeah, a lot of people seem to not even bother using it because it’s so underdeveloped currently, and so they don’t see a reason for it to be fixed because it doesn’t effect their current workflow - hopefully this attitude changes, because it could be great.

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For whom like me that born in to electronic music composing by using daws this is the wider hall in there.
in terms of RAM and/or memory usage may no be such a big effort though; actually, what is the SEQ mode if not a scheme, a form of “structural order” of what is already in use?
So, when talking about the number of sequences in the total, for example, extending the number of sequences may just be the same as the tracks and their relative patterns are actually already there saved in the memory and midi events may keep the same amount, as two sequences cannot be played in the same time ( obviously ) , this should be just a problem of update.

the point 2 is also about a easy update of the firmware and I don’t see any memory issue

The third and the fourth point I have listened , well, those seams needing a real work on the desk and a real game change, so even liking a lot I may be sincere by telling that my hopes are quite little in those regards:

3 > Previewing what is in the next sequences is though a performative feature that Squarpers from Squarp may like a LOT as it comes in to their way of seeing Pyramid as a superlative performative tool. I question if they ever thought about it.

4 > The fourth point I listened is just like a mirage !! If this would be one day achieved, well, then we will be in front of a sequencer that can forget any daw rival. It would be total a freedom for composing ! But I have to be sincere about this point: I don’t see how they can manage to make it upon the already existing architecture .

just dreaming

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Hello guys!
Just to point out that the underdevelopment of the SEQ mode has been discussed many times in the old forum
and the Squarp Team is already aware about that for a long time
maybe even the next update will bring some improvements on this area
so don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Sorry TheLoudest but I am and there are quite obvious reasons to be.

In my dreaming head I want to believe they made it in purpose to see what people would want more and more, so taht they re lying on the expectancy.

So far, SEQ mode is jus a bunch of layered patterns which can slide to 32 variations and repeating for ever, and seams not such a thing in the 2018, sincerely.

Really they can even let almost everything as it is for me… but this mode really !!!

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when I said not to worry, it’s because it’s obvious that they are aware of that,
I even think it’s planned since day#1! (the SEQ mode is for example the only mode that does not have its DISP screen …)
but there were many other things to implement in the meantime …
and they were only 3 (now 4) at Squarp to do the job …

moreover, I think it would be already done but they also launched a new product (Hermod) which explains why we haven’t had an update on PyraOS for more than 6 months! It’s the first time that we have such a delay for a Pyramid update

but that’s also a reason to be optimistic about this next update :wink:


TheLoudest, thank you or giving me hope!

My eyes are wide open waiting for this.

Pyramid complete on all the modes, full and compact in each aspect .

Bless you !!