Feature: track to ignore row change

When I select a new row in pattern mode, the patterns of all tracks change. Is there a setting for each track to let it ignore the row change an keep playing its current pattern?

Use cases:

  • for live jam: when I prepared a complete set I want to be able to manually change the key of all tracks at the same time by using the TR16 track. But when I select a new row, I do not wat the key to change because of the pattern in the TR16 track.
  • to have dedicated automation lane tracks that do not change when changing all other tracks
  • to no interrupt certain melodies or rhythms when changing all other tracks
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Only workaround I could think of is to use sections to launch a set of specific patterns. Looks like the row selection hard selects the patterns in the row and I couldn’t identify any way around that. I can definitely see how that kind of functionality would be nice to maximize the patterns usable.