Feature Request Transform FX


I really love the new OS. I haven’t even touched everything, but the patterns are very rewarding for keeping things tidy and structure. Love that!

I still really miss one more thing though. And that’s a way to very quickly edit note and velocity data in a non-destructive way. I would actually pay for a - very simple - FX to transform data in the way the old Logical editor in Cubase worked, so you can:

  • transpose notes or increase or decrease velocity or CC values
  • expand or compress these values (for lowering or increasing dynamics or the sweep of CC’s or LFO data in a track

This may seem very basic, but really would do a lot in efficiency.

It might look like this:

  1. note / velocity / note length / CC / FX
    (> type of data to be transformed)
  2. dynamics (-) . . . . . . . . 100% . . . . . . . . . . (+)
    (>compress or expand the dynamics, in relation to the average of values in the track)
  3. decrease / increase (-) . . . . . . . . 100% . . . . . . . . . . (+)
    (>decrease or increase all values of the set datatype)
  4. max
    (>the ceiling of all values of the set datatype)
  5. min
    (>the floor of all values of the set datatype)

This would be extremely powerful in my view. Even more, because you would be ably to automate this stuff and control it externally (and maybe, in the future, by automation from another track with different lengths).

Does this make sense to you?



yes! - this is something that bothers me in every sequencer that CC values (for example) are send as total values rather than relative or just offsets… having floor and ceiling would also be cool to scale knob resolution (I’m aware we cant have more than 127 but it could ‘slow’ down knobs)… great idea - hope this is something squarp would consider

edit: come to think this would only be possible if there were a midi connection in both ways and some ‘informal data exchange’… as in the synth sends what CC value a given parameter currently has, and and then the sequencer would send back the new value defined by the users offset. or the synth accepts ‘offset messages’ - which doesn’t exist. pretty sure this is beyond the capabilities of midi . one can dream though


Was about to post this. Seems like the most basic kind of effect to have and was shocked it’s not present. I know the Pyra is discontinued, but something perhaps to be added if/when it goes open source…

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