[feature request] scroll text names where they are cuttoff from view

ie track names can be longer then the space shown so it would be cool if the text scrolled to see the whole name.

Would be nice to implement in all areas where the text names are cuttoff.


I want to second this request. In fact, I started writing a list of requests that I was planning to email to support an this was one of the items on my list. This isn’t only the case for track names. I also notice this when importing MIDI files. If I have several MIDI files that come from the same pack, they may all start with the same characters with the characters at the end of the file name differentiating each one from the other. So it’s hard to know what I’m importing if there are several files. It would be great if when a file is highlighted the text scrolls so I know what I’m importing before I concur.

Squarp folks check this forum regularly, but there is no way to make sure they are aware of a feature request unless you send it to them. Be sure to contact them via this link with any feature requests:

Yes this would be great indeed