[Feature Request] Reshuffle effect

The current “Chance” effect only allows for omitting notes, but not for a complete skipping or reshuffling of notes. The idea is to achieve a similar effect to some of the capabilities of a Make Noise Renee, where the play order within the notes of a sequence can be changed creatively between forward, backward, alternating directions and various snake-like patterns like first the odd, then the even notes to allow for dynamic variation.

I could imagine a “Reshuffle” effect with two parameters:

The play order: forward (as recorded), backward, alternating, plus a couple of some more chaotic but still deterministic other play orders - would be great if this could be CV modulated.

The probability of applying the selected play order: 0 to 1 - 0 will always play the next note as recorded, 1 will always play the next note as defined by the play order from the first parameter - anything in between would set a probability bias for one or the other. Again, with CV modulation.

Probably best suited for monophonic sequences, so this could be limited to the CV output channels.