Feature request : Quantize strength


I am thinking it would be great to have a " quantize strength" parameter in the quantize MIDI FX.

I like to record all my midi notes live using an external midi keyboard or drum pad, and then correct the timing a bit using quantize, but not strictly to the grid to maintain a live feel.
The quantize strength parameters are perfect for that, basically applying a a user defined fraction of each note offset to the grid.

What do you think?


I was just thinking today it’d be nice if the humanizer +/- were more like quantize strength in either direction. That said I dont use the quantizer/humanizer much myself because I’d rather dial in the offset exactly how I want it. I wonder how people who use them more extensively feel about the current humanizer?


Hi Pluc,
I’m also recording most of melodies in live move improvising on keyboard and rythmics/bass in step mode.
If I record melodies first, I use quantize to sticks notes to a define grid and next I use swing that gives me the best result, same swing on all tracks.
Otherwise, if I want something more “human”, I first record rythmics and bass, then optimize them using swing and then improvise on this basis without any quantize to keep some human interpretation.
I quite never use Humanizer, only one some rythmics done using steps that are not realistics using only swing.
I’m not sure that mixing quantize and humanizer would give you something better than quantize then swing with humanizer next, or before ?; if necessary on some rythmics.
I hope this could help…

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I tipically have 2 types of application.

For simplification’s sake

1/ that techno feeling >110 bpm
I usually use step mode, programming strictly on the grid. If I choose to use live mode I would systematically quantize the midi input.
Then I apply swing and a bit of humanize fx effect to taste. An example :
I own an 8raw8 witch is basically the synths voices of the original Tr-808 without its sequencer. Typically I would trigger the drum voices with the pyramid on the grid and then apply the humanize tools to emulate the sloppiness of the original 808 timing. IT WORKS GREAT!

2/ That live groove <110 bpm
On lower bpm counts, I am way more sensitive to the groove. I often choose to record my beats and basses unquantized with an external pad or midi keyboard to give each song a very specific groove feel. that component quickly becomes way more complex than the basic humanized and swing functions.
Unfortunately I am not a good drummer enough. But in my experience, recording a live sequence and applying a % of quantize strength on a chosen grid resolution works 90% of the time.

I use the humanize effect regularly, but because I step program notes most of the time, the quantize part doesn’t really do anything for me. I would love it if there was a 2nd Humanize only Midi FX that I could put anywhere in the chain ( after an Arp, for example… )


+1 Quantize strength in % like on an MPC would be great1



Like the first post if you wish to see that feature in a next update! :slight_smile:


Can you achieve “quantize strength” by using the “grid” option? For example, if you set the quantize grid to 1/96, it won’t shift any note further than a 1/96 note, “weaker” than 1/16 note quantization.

Or maybe that grid option wasn’t available in the OS a year ago?

I’d love this. I play live drum pads into the Pyramid. I use both Logic Pro X and a Digitone outside of the Pyramid. Both have better quantize options – Digitone is just a strength (which is fine), and Logic has the quite wonderful “Smart Quantize”. With Pyramid I can’t usually get the effect I’m after. I’d like what I played to get closer to the grid, rather than be locked to the grid and have “random” humanisations added afterwards.