Feature request (or maybe I cant find it?)

Hi all, I was looking for a few settings that either I just couldn’t find so I thought maybe I can turn them into a feature request. If they are in fact already present settings/features, please do tell! They are the following:

  1. Metronome only record - This feature will have the metronome on during record, but not during playback.

  2. Playhead follow - I want to have step mode follow the playhead, so as the pattern progresses to new pages, the current screen is always where the playhead is.

  3. Extend note length with pads - While holding a note, select another note to the right of that note to make the note length longer. This is a much faster way to extend the length of a note rather than using the dial. It would be similar to how deluge, novation circuit, etc, do note length.

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I think the first two would make sense as a setting, yeah! I’d love the metronome setting. I wouldn’t switch on the pattern follow, as I want to edit where I’m editing.

The note length though, doing it like that would interfere with how selections are made. So I don’t think that would work…

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Hi Crevice,

all three features are not yet implemented and are worth a feature request. :+1:

( Playhead follow maybe not for me personally. It drives me crazy in the DAW already, :crazy_face:
but I could turn it off. :sweat_smile:)

Greetings, Michael

Oops, you’re right. I forgot. :grimacing:

+1 for Metronome only record

I was just working on a 32 bar pattern, and “follow playhead” would have come in very handy.
Like, you know there is a wrong note somewhere in the last third of the pattern, and then you just play until you hear that note, stop, and you know you are the right place. So in that sense it is a navigational tool.

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Actually, I think both can work together:

When between the first and the second pad you press there are no notes in between, it should extend the note you hold (first pad, can be new or existing note) to the second pad.

When there are notes in between the 2 pads, it should do the selection as usual.

I also suggested this as a feature to Squarp, I really hope they will implement it. I had the Deluge and it is just much quicker with inputting notes on the grid.


Thanks all. Yeah, extending note length should have no impact on note selection because like mentioned above if there are notes in between it’ll just prevent you from extending and that prevention is what you should want anyways as that would be an overlapping note.

I found myself intuitively pressing the +/- buttons to shorten or lengthen a held note, genuinely puzzled as to why it doesn’t work :sweat_smile:

Not sure if this is sarcasm? +/- does work to lengthen/shorten held notes, I find it far more intuitive and ergronomical than reaching across the grid to dial it in with the knob.


No sarcasm. Had to go and double-check :flushed:
So, indeed it does that, kindof. It doubles or halves the length, which works nicely when starting with length of 1 but if the starting length is larger, say, 4 then you can’t reduce it below that. I don’t see this behavior documented for single held notes in the manual though.

The above of course only works for already entered notes. Testing this, I seem to have been intuitively doing the following: hold the note button for initial entry while using +/- to set it to desired length, expecting the note to be set when I release it. Well, nope :laughing:

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