Feature Request: Integration of 'Transport In' Support for Hapax for External Control

Hey everyone,

I’m a Hapax user and I’ve been really enjoying the device. I’ve integrated it into my setup and I’ve noticed that it currently lacks ‘Transport In’ support. This feature would be a game changer for many of us, especially for those looking to control playback and recording from external hardware.

The ability to command play/record functions from another piece of gear would streamline our workflows and open up new possibilities for live and studio setups. It would be great if the Squarp team could consider adding ‘Transport In’ support in a future firmware update.

Thanks for considering this addition. Your work on the Hapax has been fantastic and this feature would make it even better.



This is a really solid feature request. Be sure to send Squarp an email to let them know your thoughts on the matter: Contact us | Squarp instruments

They don’t always read suggestions made in the forum but are very responsive to suggestions made through that contact form.

Michael :v:t3:

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll definitely send an email to Squarp directly to discuss the ‘Transport In’ feature. Appreciate your advice on this.


The request for external midi control has been asked before. Linked is another thread where Squarp responds that it’s not currently in the near future plans. They are asking for something more broad, but transport control would be covered under that umbrella and has been mentioned specifically.

They did add a lot more options for different things you can control via TRS footswitch in v2.0. If you need a short term solution, I’d figure out if there’s a way to use midi to automate a normal passive TRS footswitch signal into the Switch input.