Feature request: envelope at Gate input to control sample amplitude

It occurs to me that allowing an envelope at the Gate inputs to control sample amplitude would enhance the playability of the module. Right now the envelope implementation does not give precise enough control (e.g. it would be nice to have assignable response curve and simultaneous Rise/Fall control via CV but instead of implementing that, why not let an external module handle it?)

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Id assume the gates are connected to digital inputs, so can only be on/off.

an envelope could be assigned to CV by using level.
(though, I guess the env might get in the way at times? )

I would absolutely love this feature as well - putting an envelope into the Gate input (if the hardware allows that) would make this even more flexible and useful.

@thetechnobear is correct, gates can only be on/off.
The point of Rample envelopes was to provide a very simple way to shape drums. If you want more precise control, I’d recommend using a VCA and an envelope generator.


I do think the envelope needs a lot of work - right now I just find it hard to use / get an outcome that seems to sound good / musical. There are many modules that get it right - but I find Rample doesn’t and as such I don’t even use it.

Might just be me :slight_smile:

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